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National Economic Panel

The Economic Society of Australia’s National Economic Panel (NEP) is a group of 49 distinguished economists who are members of our Society.  The Panel was established to help further the Society’s objectives of:

  • encouraging the study of economic questions and public debate of economic questions; and
  • promoting the standing of the profession in the Australian community.

The Panel embodies a wide range of experience, expertise and opinion, which in turn is a reflection of the Australian profession itself.

Views expressed by individual Panelists are the responsibility of the individuals. As a matter of principle, the Society does not take an “official” position on any of the economic issues canvassed with the Panel.  That said, it is our hope that canvassing Panelists and having their views will help to map out the key considerations of economic questions.

We are grateful to the members of our profession who have agreed to join the Panel.  There are many other economists in our Society who would be fitting participants.  It is our intention over time to invite others to participate whilst maintaining the Panel at around 50 people.  Below are our current panellists.

We would like to thank and acknowledge the contribution of our past Panellists - view here.

Visit our Central Council site for information about our polls.

58 National Economic Panel Items found:      Showing National Economic Panel Items 51 - 58

Peter Sheehan

Victoria University


Helen Silver AO

Allianz Australia


John Tisdell

University of Tasmania


Julie Toth

Australian Industry Group and Adjunct Professor of Economics, Deakin University.


Beth Webster

Swinburne University of Technology


58 National Economic Panel Items found:      Showing National Economic Panel Items 51 - 58