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The Economic Society of Australia (QLD) Inc. (ESA Queensland) is one of seven state-based branches which comprise the Economic Society of Australia (the Society). As a federation of regional groups the Society is united by a Central Council made up of 12 individuals; seven state-based presidents, two national editors and a three-member executive team (President, Secretary and Treasurer).

Central Council publishes two journals (Economic Record and Economic Papers) and further provides value to branches by helping to coordinate national events such as the Annual Conference of Economists (ACE) and the Eminent Speaker Series.

ESA Queensland is both an autonomous organization and a Member of the Society. It has a mandate to promote economics within Australia but is primarily focused upon Queensland. To fulfill its mandate ESA Queensland regularly hosts lunches, seminars and debates featuring notable economists. It further promotes a Young Economist Group and it is the only Branch of the Society which publishes its own journal, specifically Economic Analysis and Policy (the EAP). As implied within the title, the EAP is primarily concerned with policy issues both in Queensland and greater Australia.

To encourage the study of economics, ESA Queensland offers Awards at Queensland's major Universities and partners with groups like Queensland's Economic Teachers Association.

Consistent with the Constitution ESA Queensland is managed by a board that currently has 12 members.


The principal objectives of ESA Queensland are to:

  • Encourage the application of economics in Australia
  • Encourage informed public debate
  • Promote the teaching and study of economics at all levels of education (from tertiary to professional development)
  • Issue publications that are of interest to members and promote the objectives of ESA Queensland
  • Co-operate with the other Branches as well as the Central Council of the Economic Society of Australia to promote economics
  • Conduct seminars, symposia, conferences and other meetings to advance the objectives of the ESA Queensland


The Economic Society of Australia (Queensland) Inc. (ESA Queensland) is a voluntary association that was incorporated under the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act (QLD) in 1985. However, it existed under other auspices prior to this time.

Today ESA Queensland promotes economic thought by regularly holding events featuring notable economists, endorsing a Young Economists Group and by supporting a state journal, Economic Analysis and Policy.

Economic events held by ESA Queensland for members and guests include lunches, seminars, lectures, debates, mixers and book launches. The Young Economist Group was founded in 2010 by Rimu Nelson.  The group was designed to provide a forum for young professionals to network and discuss topical economic issues. The need was greater than imagined and not limited to Queensland. Accordingly groups have been established in association with other ESA Branches across the country. It remains a popular refuge for emerging economists.

ESA Queensland has supported the production of Economic Analysis & Policy (EAP) for over forty years.  The EAP is a refereed journal and has been a leading source of economic research and policy proposals since 1970.  The journal seeks to publish articles from all branches of economics (especially those with policy relevance, both theoretical and applied).  It has featured papers by some of Queenland’s most influential economists, including Colin Clark, Ted Evans, Alan Fels and John Quiggin.  In 2014, under editor Clevo Wilson, the journal was picked up by Elsevier, a major publisher of scientific journals, and moved to an on-line platform.

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