Distinguished Fellow Award

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The Economic Society of Australia proposed the establishment of the Distinguished Fellow Award in 1985.


The purpose of this award is to honour distinguished Australian economists for their contribution to the development of economics.

Criteria Eligibility

Criteria eligibility is to be based upon the candidates contribution to the development of economics as a discipline or profession. Recipients of the Award are expected to be living when annual nominations close.


Selection criteria as follows:

  1. Nominations for the Award may be made by a Branch, or by a Distinguished Fellow or by a pair of Distinguished Fellows.
  2. A Branch may make only one nomination each year. A Distinguished Fellow may make only one nomination each year. A citation and a curriculum vitae must be provided with a nomination.
  3. Nominations must be received at least sixty days prior to the AGM of Central Council.
  4. The Selection Committee will consist of five persons; the President, the Secretary and three persons chosen by Central Council.
  5. At least one Distinguished Fellow will be on the Selection Committee.
  6. Each committee member chosen by Central Council should normally serve no more than three consecutive years.
  7. The names of the people on the Selection Committee will be announced with the Award.


The Award to be announced and presented at the Annual Conference whenever possible. The Award is to be accompanied by a citation and the citation is to be published in an appropriate issue of the Economic Record.

Recipients for 2023

There were two recipients of the 2023 Distinguished Fellow Award:

Professor Lisa Cameron Read citation here.

Professor Ian McDonald. Read citation here

Past recipients 

  • 2022 Professor Beth Webster
  • 2021 Professor David Throsby AO
  • 2020 Professor Jeff Borland
  • 2019 Professor Kym Anderson AC
  • 2018 Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark
  • 2017 Professor Alison Booth
  • 2016 Professor Emeritus Joseph E Isaac AO
  • 2015 Professor Bruce Chapman AM
  • 2014 Professor John Freebairn AO
  • 2013 Professor Geoffrey Brennan
  • 2012 Professor John Pitchford
  • 2011 Professor John Quiggin
  • 2010 Professor Peter Groenewegen
  • 2009 Professor Ross Garnaut AC
  • 2008 Professor Alan Woodland
  • 2007 Professor Yew Kwang Ng
  • 2006 Professor Maureen Brunt AO
  • 2005 Professor Peter Lloyd AM 
  • 2004 Professor Helen Hughes AO
  • 2003 Professor Peter Dixon AO
  • 2002 Professor Richard Snape 
  • 2001 Professor Bob Gregory AO
  • 2000 Professor John Nevile AM
  • 1999 Professor Adrian Pagan AO
  • 1998 Professor Alan Powell AM
  • 1997 Professor Fred Gruen AO
  • 1996 Professor Geoff Harcourt AC
  • 1995 Professor Max Corden AC
  • 1994 Professor Heinz Arndt
  • 1993 no award
  • 1992 Sir Leslie Melville KBE
  • 1991 no award
  • 1990 Professor Noel Butlin AC
  • 1989 Professor Murray Kemp AO
  • 1988 Sir Roland Wilson CBE
  • 1987 Trevor Swan AO and Colin Clark 

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