Honorary Fellow Award

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The Economic Society of Australia established the Honorary Fellow Award in 2005.


This award is to honour members of the Society for their significant and substantial contribution to the Society.

Criteria Eligibility

The eligibility criterion is ‘contribution to the Economic Society of Australia in relation to its stipulated goals’.


Nominations for this prestigious award can be made by any member of the Central Council of the Economic Society of Australia. These can be sent to the Economic Society at admin@ecsacentral.org.au.

Announcement and Presentation

The Award is to be announced and presented at the next Australian Conference of Economists, whenever possible.

Recipient 2024

The recipient for 2024 is Dr Paul Blacklow.  Citation to follow.

Past recipients 

  • 2023 - no recipient
  • 2022 Philip Norman
  • 2021 Associate Professor Russell Ross
  • 2020 Tom Chan and Buly Cardak
  • 2019 Dr Matthew Butlin
  • 2018 none awarded
  • 2017 Danielle Wood
  • 2016 none awarded
  • 2015 Professor Jeffrey Sheen
  • 2014 none awarded
  • 2013 Professor John Freebairn AO
  • 2012 Andrew Hughes
  • 2011 Professor Paul Miller
  • 2010 Professor Neville Norman
  • 2009 John Macleod
  • 2008 Professors Russell Smyth and Phil Lewis
  • 2007 Professors Harry Bloch and Keith Hancock
  • 2006 Professor Peter Abelson

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