The impact of renewables on the National Electricity Market (NEM) - ONLINE ONLY


From: Thursday November 26, 2020, 5:00 pm

To: Thursday November 26, 2020, 6:00 pm

Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM) is an example of an energy-only market where all electricity generated is sold in the spot market. This feature of the NEM raises particular challenges during the transition to a cheaper, lower emissions electricity sector with a higher penetration of renewable resources. The webinar speakers (below) will explore some of the key market design challenges associated with such transition.

The speakers

Stephen Wilson

Professor Stephen Wilson is Director of the Centre for Energy Futures in the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering the University of Queensland. Prior to academia, Stephen worked for 25 years as an energy economist along the value chain across all energy forms in over thirty countries in consulting and corporate roles, based in Melbourne, Hong Kong, London and most recently Brisbane. Stephen’s current research focuses on the technical, economic, commercial and market challenges of integrating variable renewable energy in power systems; market design and energy policy; and the development of new technology and the deployment of technologies new to a market.

Flavio Menezes

Flavio Menezes is a Professor of Economics at The University of Queensland. He is an elected member of UQ’s Academic Board and of its Standing Committee. He is the past President of the Economic Society of Australia (Queensland), the Chair of the ERA 2018 economics and commerce research evaluation committee, a member of editorial boards and associate editor of a number of international journals, and a co-editor of the Economic Record. He has published over 75 journal articles on the economics of auctions, competition and regulatory economics, industrial organisation and market design.

Professor Menezes is the Chair of the Queensland Competition Authority, and a former member of the Federal Government's Deregulation Taskforce Advisory Board. He has extensive consulting experience. His experience in Australia includes advising the Federal Government, AEMC, ACCC, IPART, QCA, the Federal, ACT and Victorian Governments on market design issues in regulatory environments. It also includes providing economic advice to various private and public organisations on mergers, competition and regulatory issues in defence, fisheries, gambling, energy, banking, health, aged care, transport, water and telecommunications.

Rimu Nelson

Rimu Nelson is a Principal Advisor at CleanCo Queensland, the state’s newest energy generator, where he heads the regulatory, policy and market compliance functions. Rimu spent most of his career working in regulatory economics and energy policy, including over five years at Queensland Treasury as Director of the Energy team. Rimu will focus next year on working with the Energy Security Board and the Australian Energy Market Commission on their significant reform agendas, which together reflect the most significant overhaul the NEM has ever seen.

Clotilde Bélanger

This webinar is organised by the Queensland branch of the Economic Society of Australia. Clotilde is an executive director on the ESA Queensland management committee and will be the moderator of the event.

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