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Who should join?

Membership of the Economic Society of Australia is open (and encouraged) for anyone with an interest in economics. 


Member benefits

  • Eligibility to become a member of WEN
  • Membership discounts for most of the events held by the Society
  • Ability to network and discuss economic issues with your peers
  • Access to member only material on the ESA website
  • Eligibility to stand for a role in the governance of the Society
  • Other benefits stemming from chosen category of membership (see below)

Membership options & related costs

There are several categories of membership with multiple journal options as shown below.

Ordinary membership - $90 per annum

Ordinary members of ESA Queensland have full access to the website and receive electronic access to the Economic Analysis and Policy (EAP) Journal through our new publisher Elsevier.  Ordinary members are entitled to bring guests to Society functions at a discounted rate and are further entitled to vote at general meetings of the Society.

Associate membership - $40 per annum 

Young Economist membership is available to those who  are within the first ten years of their career (generally taken to be ten years from graduation), as well as to students. Other categories are Country and Retiree. Associate Members have access to the website and can request electronic access to the EAP Journal. They can participate in national elections, but cannot vote at the Society's annual general meetings.

Institutional membership - (by arrangement)

This category of membership is reserved for companies seeking to encourage economic thought amongst their staff.  To discuss Institutional Membership please contact the secretariat at admin@esaqld.org.au.

Professional membership - $180 per annum  

Professional Members receive all benefits of Ordinary Membership, but are also eligible to attend mixers, events and seminars geared especially toward Professional Members. They further are able to use the acronym PMESA after their name for as long as their membership remains current. To qualify for this category of membership the applicant must have;

  • completed a 3-year degree in economics (or related quantitative subject); and,
  • worked in a position which requires an economic focus for at least three years.

Interested parties are encouraged to fill out the membership form (MembershipFormfillinmanually.pdf) and submit a current resume with professional references to our Secretariat for consideration by the Professional Member sub-committee.

Women in Economics Network - Free

Members of the Economic Society of Australia are also eligible to become members of the Women in Economics Network (WEN). WEN was formed to promote and support the careers of female economists and each state runs its own series of events to broadly support the objectives of the network (see www.esawen.org.au for more information). Men are welcome (and encouraged) to become members of WEN and to attend most WEN events. However, some activities, such as the Women in Economics Retreat, are targeted specifically at women.

Join Now

Register interest with the Society - Free

If you are not yet ready to become a member of ESA Queensland, but would like to be made aware of upcoming events held by the Society, contact the secretariat and register your interest to join the mailing list.

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