Welcome to the website of the Economic Society of Australia (QLD) Inc. (i.e. ESA Queensland). ESA Queensland promotes discussion of, and debate about, economic issues and economic policies, supports the training and professional development of economists and encourages the study and teaching of economics. It does this by:

  • conducting regular meetings, seminars and conferences to promote economic  discussion and debate (see events for more information).
  • supporting a Young Economist Group which provides young professionals with a forum to network and to engage with their peers to discuss topical economic issues.
  • publishing a journal, Economic Analysis and Policy (EAP) several times a year. The Queensland Society has published the EAP for over 40 years. As the title implies, the journal was created to promote papers with an economic policy focus.

This website is a resource for members and non-members alike. It was designed to facilitate communication and/or coordination within the Society and to promote economic thought amongst the general public. To become a member of ESA Queensland or to register with the Society click here. To view current Events scheduled for this year click here.

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